cute seal (and stuff too)

as per pre-exam ritual (not really because I don’t remember doing this last year or the year before that or ever, actually) I have crocheted and binged-watched movies (unintentionally) and basically not doing anything for the entire day.

holy shit
so anyway, I made a very cute seal 😍:D

i tried
no it is not a snowman

from a very amazing pattern [ link ]

and besides that, I did a very stupid thing 

  1. so basically, I wanted to watch now you see me
  2. so I torrented it because I love torrent and torrenting 
  3. but being kinda dumb I torrented now you see me 2 instead of the first movie
  4. and I watched an entire 1 hour and 45 minutes of the movie
  5. which was great btw
  6. and then somehow I looked at the movie title on top of the computer and realised it had a ‘2’ behind it
  7. which was my holy shit moment
  8. and I double checked on wikipedia
  9. and got really pissed that I actually watched 2 before 1
  10. which made me determined to watch the first movie too
  11. which is why I’m sleeping 2 hours later than I originally planned (currently watching the first movie)

yup that’s all

I hate exams


a blog post not on crochet

   I realised that I haven’t blogged about something that’s not crochet for quite a long time ehehe and the last time I did it was about something really embarrassing 😅

but I will blog about something not on crochet today. 😀
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washi(?) tape

today my sis bought pretty tape from daiso, went home, realised how much tape she had and let me use some of it 😀

looks better in real life ohoho

 this allowed me to take my first step in realising my dream of taping everything in existence. originally this was supposed to help me differentiate my ipad charging wire from iphone charging wire but I just ended up attempting taping everything in existence 😅 which I actually don’t regret #sorrynotsorry