theme change

changed from penscratch to nucleare. nucleare is so beautiful and classy and elegant and minimalistic. almost as beautiful as sublime text monokai 😏

looking to customise html (second attempt) and this time I will try to use x10hosting as php thingy but still not too sure how this php thing works. I am still confused about php. html is boss and css is boss but php is not boss meh 😒 sadly though nucleare is so beautiful that idek know what to change haha

if i succeed at editing the html of a wordpress theme I’ll probably change the theme again to a theme with a layout that I think is perfect so I’ll try to ignore design and graphics etc and only look at layout. then I can edit the theme :DDDD (because tbh editing the layout itself is troublesome)

huhu so excited


SCREW THIS it’s too troublesome and php is complicated especially since there are so few free php posters which are actually legit

so uh


I am never editing my wordpress html again

(unless I find a good php tutorial/hoster or a person who actually knows what is going on with php)

slinks away angrily


short anecdote

idk what I’m doing today aka I am a basic bitch today and I am basically being pissed at basically 50% of the people around me.

but here’s an amusing anecdote that I suddenly thought about with an unamused expression on my face.

my face right now is the epitome of sian, bochup and ‘screw off’.

but anyway here it is:

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