yesterday’s deliveries

I think yesterday was a pretty good day 😊

hmm so I think we started the day with p.e. which I was really excited about since I missed the last p.e. lesson because of com-ed (which tbh I was quite pissed about πŸ˜…) but today’s was really fun. we played basketball against another class and won 18-2 (or 9-1 if you don’t count each goal as 2 points) which was surprising because I thought we would lose. heh and it was more fun because of the casting spells against each other thing and yeah.

but mainly I was happy because my new crochet hooks got delivered!!

yeah so it was a set of 22 crochet hooks for I think $18 which is really worth it because daiso sells one for $2 e.e the smallest size in the set is 0.6 mm and largest is 6mm which pretty much covers every type of yarn (except for those huge fluffy ones) :DDD speaking of which though I once saw this really really really fluffy yarn from daiso and it was so fluffy that it was size 10 (10mm).

have yet to try out the hooks (because I spent too much time trying to edit the html code of wordpress before realising that I had to use php πŸ˜’ on the bright side I can now get yarn without worrying if I have the correspondingly-sized hook!! πŸ˜€

cute catΒ and the second thing that arrived was the ninth and tenth book in the η”œη”œη§ζˆΏηŒ« (chi’s sweet home) series πŸ˜€ it’s a comic book about a cat and it’s so cute and sweet omg omg <333333


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