productive day (?)

today was a very productive day (by my own definition) – i.e. I didn’t actually do work but instead ended up doing stuff that I think is productive.

ordered according to coolness (in my opinion) – not chronological (but does that actually matter??)

– – – – –


practiced double crochet, learnt half-double crochet and treble stitch and slip stitch and basically tried to speed through everything to get to crocheting rounds.

I used acrylic yarn for the first time today ΓΆ I’ve been using tweed yarn (but only because I like the colours of the tweed yarn from daiso) which feels a bit coarser then acrylic. acrylic kinda feels neater (?) plus I used turquoise and sky blue which probably also made me feel biased towards the acrylic since the turquoise and sky blue were very nice shades of blue 😁

wool yarn is a nightmare asdfghjkl omg I am trying to get used to it but I really hate it when fibres start coming out and WOOL YARN IS SO EFFING FIBRE-Y THAT FIBRES STICK OUT FROM EVERYWHERE ASDFGHJKL like I can understand why people like wool because it’s thick and warm? but it is freaking coarse and scratchy and I will never wear it on my body if I had a choice. there are literally hairy fibres sticking out from the yarn ball which makes me not even want to hold it without wearing gloves and somehow I thought if I crocheted it into a pattern it would be less unpleasant but NOPE I WILL NEVER BUY WOOL YARN EVER AGAIN. and even though wool yarn is kinda interesting to crochet, after doing a tiny bit of crochet with it there are fibres everywhere like I have been plucking fibres from my keyboard while typing this because either the fibres are all stuck on my fingers or they flew onto my keyboard since I was crocheting near it. 😑 /end of rant

anyway I started crocheting rounds which is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while now :DD I follow tutorials online on [ this site ] so I sped through all the lessons until I reached rounds πŸ˜… yeah but I am very excited to continue rounds :DDDD

– – – – –

cool color deficiency test

I took two colour deficiency tests today which I think was really cool and fun πŸ˜€

first test was a 15-hue test which was quite fast [ click for link ] but tbh I 100% don’t understand the test results (it’s some weird diagram thing).

second test was a 100-hue test which was not fast, very exhausting and annoying. [ click for link ] I turned up my screen brightness to 100% which probably ironically killed my eyes while trying to test them (heh) but I was kinda surprised at the results because I took the same test two years ago and got a different result (11/70 in 2013 and 4/70 in 2015 –  70/70 is severe colour blindness & 0/70 is perfect vision). but it was quite fun (but frustration because the hues are so close that I can’t tell the difference for most of them) :3 I’m not sure about the accuracy of the test though (unless my colour vision improved a lot in two years) but I am 100% not willing to try the test on a different website because it is way too exhausting.

and idk why I used american spelling of ‘colour’ in the title but I think it’s because int he name of the test, it was spelled with american spelling but personally I prefer the british spelling //pours tea

not entirely relevant to the test thingy but this colour name & hue thing is really really cool πŸ˜€ it’s the proper name of like every single colour plus its hue. check it out πŸ˜€ [ link here ]

– – – – –

daiso is asdfghjkl

daiso is my favourite shop in the world and it sells everything :DDDDDDD like I could survive if someone locked me up in daiso for one week because there is everything and I could even entertain myself there while having food to eat and water to drink though sadly daiso doesn’t sell toilets so I guess I’ll have to find a way to shit in daiso ;>

but anyway I went to daiso today and as usual I spent a shitload of time inside the $2 paradise πŸ˜… and I saw this beautiful gorgeous amazing authentic-ish japanese crepe cloth with beautiful gorgeous amazing colours 😍😍😍 I managed to get the stuff that I needed (coughwantedcough) which was batting, multicolour thread, more cloth and thick elastics but sadly I couldn’t get pastel green felt because the felt comes in sets of five colours which is quite practical actually just not suitable for me because I only needed light green :< but it’s okay because I HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AUTHENTIC JAPANESE CREPE CLOTH IN THE WORLD which I plan to use for another diy project :DDD

I think I was supposed to sew another scrunchie today but somehow I ended up crocheting oops πŸ˜’

– – – – –

pitch perfect 2

re-watched pitch perfect 2 and listen to the soundtrack (bringing my average number ofitunes icon listens per track to 18.25, based on what itunes (I downloaded the tracks onto macbook and saved it in an album on itunes) says. speaking of which – I love the new itunes icon πŸ˜€ which made me consider customising all my icons on the dock bar (I think that’s what it’s called??) to match the itunes icon ΓΆ

– – – – –

japanese homework

I accidentally printed my japanese homework on a slightly blue-bray paper. oops. tbh I feel sadder about wasting a piece of pretty coloured paper (the colour is very close to white but when you put it on a white paper you can see the contrast) then submitting a piece of coloured paper to rika sensei πŸ˜…

I meant to study japanese today but got distracted by crochet :((


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