short anecdote

idk what I’m doing today aka I am a basic bitch today and I am basically being pissed at basically 50% of the people around me.

but here’s an amusing anecdote that I suddenly thought about with an unamused expression on my face.

my face right now is the epitome of sian, bochup and ‘screw off’.

but anyway here it is:

once my sister and I were eating in a japanese restaurant on a saturday night with family. so there was a feedback form and my sister and I wanted to fill it in but there was no pencil so we came up with the ingenious solution of taking a toothpick, dipping it in sauce and using it to write on the form.

even better was that one of the ends of the toothpick was rounded and flat so it was perfect for filling in the circles (usually supposed to be shaded or ticked with a pencil).

and at the ‘other comments’ part we wrote ‘please provide pencils.’

it’s funny but i’m not very amused right now because tbh i’m pmsing about life and annoying stuff but if I rant here I’ll have to make this password protected 😒


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