angsty (?)

I think I’m having teenage angst or maybe I’m just pmsed 24/7 but angsty is really such a weird word like LOOK AT IT.


there there’s that gigantic horribly weird word for you to see.

the word angsty is weird because it can be broken into two parts.


lol I think this is very funny because imagine you had a sty because of your pubescent hormones and whatnot. and then you feel really angry because of it. and then you become


woohoo this is so lame I cannot handle to but I really love georgia font and I used it up there and html-ed it nicely so I’m too lazy to trash this blog post.

speaking of html, today 8fact/8crap whichever posted that “11% of people think html is a std.”

…I’m sorry but WHAT IS THIS

tbh I think I’m so tired right now that I’m a bit drunk ( happens sometimes ) like drunk as in lame and meh but not high and madly crazy 🌚

I’m going to kill myself with shame tomorrow when reread this so I have to post it right now while I’m drunk enough to shamelessly publish such an embarrassment to humanity


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