crochet beanie <33

this has taken a shitload of time but omg I crocheted a beanie though it’s still wip :DD
so far this has used up more than two balls of yarn (from daiso – natural wool silver-gray mix, 30g approx. 38m) which is kinda insane because one ball is approximately 38m according to the packaging so this has taken more than 76m of yarn which is a shitload of yarn which has more or less driven me crazy because I stupidly chose to follow the pattern exactly for the first 11(?) rounds (I lost count of rounds because I was counting stitches) and so I used a single crochet which is tiny. LOOK AT ALL THE MINUSCULE STITCHES IN THE PICTURE BECAUSE IT TOOK ME MANY HOURS.

I gave up on following the pattern after round 11-13 or so and started doing front post double crochet/back post double crochet instead since I wanted the beanie to have that kind of decoration thingy (whatever it’s called) at the rim and also because I was so freaking sick of doing single crochet. I also stopped counting stitches after I started on the fpdc/bpdc rounds because there are freaking 78 stitches per round and I had been counting from 1-78 and staring at these tiny stitches and counting 1 2 3 4 … 78 will drive a person crazy so no. :> plus I was kind of paranoid so I’d count to 40 or so and lost count or doubt myself and start counting from 1 again and it was so frustrating that I gave up on single crochet and did fpdc/bpdc. but I think it turned out not bad :DDD

here’s a picture:

beanie :D
beanie to basket <3333

yep my favourite thing about the beanie is that it can be folded into a basket (discovered by accident) so when I’m not wearing it (which is basically all the time) I can use it to store my yarn stash 😍😍😍 and it’s a very pretty basket. plus since I can’t finish the beanie today (it is 1.55am right now and I want to sleep and I am tired) I can put the yarn in it since it’s a cute basket and put my crochet hook and scissors etc in it too and just continue tomorrow with all the stuff needed conveniently in the basket and IT’S SO CUTE OMFG 😍😍😍😍😍 ohh and I love using the safety pin as a stitch marker because it feels so vintage-ish and stuff <33

hoping to finish it soon 😌 tbh I’m very excited to complete the beanie but I think it needs like 3 more rounds of fpdc/bpdc or 6 more rounds of fpdc/bpdc if I want to have it fold upwards but then I’ll have to crochet slightly less stitches in the third or fourth round or something to have it curl upwards but I’m not 100% sure how that works so 😒

on the bright side, today I ended up going to daiso (…again) and came back with cream acrylic yarn, multicolour thread (mix breeze – sunflower; previously I had mix breeze sand beach but now I have sunflower too :DD) and multicolour cotton lace yarn (aurora green). I also got two of the silver-gray mix wool yarn which I hope is enough to finish the beanie. I started the beanie yesterday, used up one ball of silver-gray mix wool yarn, bought two more of it today and used up one already. hoping that the third one lasts long enough to finish the beanie since being the idiot that I am, I forgot to monitor how many rows of fpdc/bpdc one ball of yarn can make but based on my memory it’s about 2 rounds 😱😱 okay this is disastrous

but anyway DDD: I was considering getting those big skeins of yarn instead of those from daiso because I think they would be more worth it than daiso but I’d have issues with storage (skeins are kinda long and huge okay that sounded a bit wrong) and usage (sometimes I just need a bit of one colour). and speaking of colour, I was thinking of crocheting attachable cat ears for the beanie but again I am a huge idiot and instead of buying the pink thread/yarn, I bought every basic colour but pink (I have neutral colours, blue and yellow) so I’ll have to find another colour for the inside of the cat ears 😒

but on the bright side, the cotton lace thread is thin enough which means that it should be crocheted with steel hooks instead of aluminium which is very exciting 😀 my next project after the beanie will probably be a doily with the cotton lace thread <33

posting the finished beanie asap!! 


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