cute crochet bow!

quite a simple project this time 😌 it didn’t take too long and turned out quite pretty 😀 

I actually made this yesterday but wordpress wasn’t uploading my photos so I had to post it today but here it is!!

crochet bow
failed attempt at cool photography
as you can see above, I tried to do that thing where people take a photo of the main object against a neutral background with other less prominent objects in the photo that have a nice colour scheme together but failed miserably.however, here’s a cute crochet bow! 😀

pattern adapted from [ here ] but it turned out a little different. I wove ends of the bow into the centre instead of glueing it because I was too lazy to find my sister’s glue gun and too lazy to see if other glues would work. and I think I should’ve wound the yarn tighter around the centre to give the bow a nicer fuller shape but oh well I can always make another one in the future 😄


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