crochet owl (cute)

yesterday I crocheted an owl but forgot to post it. 😅

but here it is!! 😀 pattern can be found [ here ].

 cute owl crochet!! 
I didn’t have proper owl colours so I had to use blue and turquoise for the body (a very bad colour scheme tbh) and brown wool for the beak/eyes. in retrospect I probably should’ve used the brown for the body but brown is kind of boring plus I don’t quite like the feel of wool yarn sometimes and my wool yarn has this smell that I can’t decide if I like or dislike. 😒

I deviated from the pattern a little so it turned out slightly different. my sister commented that it looked like a totoro 😂😂 it may look weird but in my defence, I’m kinda new to crochet :3

I think I’ll try this again sometime but right now I’m crocheting something new 😀 I’m also trying thread crochet (as in thinner thread) which is a bit harder since the thread is more difficult to manipulate but it’s so pretty <33333


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