pastel doily :D

new doily :’))

I started this last night and finished it late morning today (I think?) but it was actually quite a quick doily (by doily standards) 😀 

1.4mm steel hook, aurora green cotton lace yarn (from daiso hehe); approx. 9cm in diameter (small and cute 😍😍)

 and here it is!! 😀 – 

 pastel doily <33  I really like how it turned out (I think it looks better in real life tbh) especially since the thread has a bit of sheen on it and the gradient is quite gradual so the colours aren’t too jarring <33 I just asdfghjkl love thin crochet and the perfect round circles in crochet rounds because they are so perfect 😍😍 

the shell pattern and chains on the outer rounds aren’t as clean and neat as I wanted but I think it might look nicer with finer thread 😌 I kind of want to make this same design using the thinner white cotton thread but I’m currently using that thread for another doily 😒 but I really really love thread crochet with very fine thread because it’s so delicate and beautiful omg <333

and for once I actually followed the pattern completely without any deviations so woohoo!! 😀 pattern is [ here ] ~


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