bun shaper + review

I honestly think that this is amusing in the stupidest way possible but because I’m a shameless idiot I will post it 😀

I crocheted a bun shaper following [ this pattern ] and it looks beautiful and really legit so that’s like the cool part. :DDD


FullSizeRender 3

wool yarn in beige mix (daiso again) & 5.5mm hook. I didn’t have a yarn needle so I stitched it up with thread and a regular needle instead of yarn. 😒

and it actually looks really legit!!

so I looked up tutorials online on how to use a bun shaper and it looked really easy and fun and pretty BUT this is the retarded part don’t judge

I will now review my own bun shaper which I made myself and I want to stab myself with that knife I saw on tumblr that toasts bread while cutting it but idk I think I’m just high on crack or something so this isn’t really making sense but idek what I am doing but no I’m not actually serious but anyway

this is a legit expectations/reality thing because my bun shaper shows that expectations =/= reality especially in pinterest hair tutorials ( see also: buzzfeed video on women trying pinterest hair tutorials )


hair goals
rightmost picture: blair from 12 dancing princesses 😀

(the hair is the perfect length for the bun shaper and creates a very neat and beautiful bun that looks perfect and you can see every strand of hair coming out from the centre like a sunburst or a black hole)


…idew to post the picture because you can’t see anything anyway because it’s a black bird’s nest


the bun shaper is supremely useless and only makes your bun look big and round. I am truly displeased with the results and I attribute my utter failure to my hair because I had a lot of hair to wrap around the bun shaper and it ended up messier than before. the bun that I take 30 seconds to tie looks neater and cleaner than the bun tied using the bun shaper which took a very long time.

after using the bun shaper, my hair was in knots and I was extremely uncomfortable, sweaty, flustered and in general, pissed.

if anyone has a hair type that will be more suitable for this bun shaper that would have been legit if I didn’t use it, and wishes to possess this bun shaper, please contact me and I will gladly get rid of this fugly abomination that has been plaguing me. I am extremely pissed off and wish the bun shaper a painful demise.


don’t judge it’s probably my pubescent raging hormones


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