bunny amigurumi <333

aaand today I crocheted a bunny!! :DDD

sadly I ran out of yarn halfway through so there was just enough to finish the head and ears but most the body 😒 idk when I can go to daiso again to get the yarn but I am kind of pissed off at running out of yarn twice in a row (I was making an octupus out of the turquoise yarn and it ran out too so now I have half an octopus head and no tentacles and this sounds gross but it really isn’t) 😡

but anyway this is the bunny !! 😍

I sewed on buttons for its eyes because my safety eyes were too tiny for the bunny and it would’ve looked weird if I used my safety eyes 😀 this bunny is more like a plushie compared to the original pattern which can be found [ here ] because I used a 3.5mm hook and corresponding yarn while the pattern used like 2.00mm hook I think? but plushies are cute af asdfghjkl 😍😍😍

will update when the bunny is completed ❤ 😀


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