amigurumi bunny

easily the best amigurumi i’ve ever done 😄

this is a pattern from allaboutami which can be found [ here ]. can I just say that she is my ultimate ambition in life and her amigurumi patterns are the beautifullest 😍😍

 amigurumi bunny 
this was made from my yarn from daiso in cream colour and 3.5 mm hook (which made it turn out kind of plushie-sized because the original used a smaller hook) which is great because I love plushies 😍😍 the pattern is amazing though I had to use black buttons as the eyes because my safety eyes were too small and I didn’t have time to get new ones since I was on a tight schedule to finish it :’))

recently I’ve been thinking about getting into knitting but bamboo needles are just so expensive D”: and clover amour crochet hooks are the most beautiful crochet hooks I have ever seen but they are even more expensive but I guess pure beauty and quality and perfection in a hook comes with a price 😭 and what’s even worse is luxurious silky merino/alpaca yarn which is the worst ever how can something be so soft and fluffy but actually no I take back my words because clover amour crochet hooks and full interchangeable needle sets are even worse. how can such perfection be contained in such a delicate hook/needle 😭😭😭

but rant aside, I imposed a crochet ban on myself since last week to the end of exams (but I forgot to post this) which kind of is driving me mad because I gaze into my yarn stash and hook set every day and feel this unexplainable irritation at the malignant presence of examinations GARH and I can’t wait for them to be over D’: 

on another side note, I really need to up my photography game because the image (taken with an ipad which shows how much I need to up my game) really doesn’t give the cuteness of the bunny justice :’)))


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