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I think our blogging phase has died out and I forgot all about this ohoho

it is 1:46 am and as per usual at 1:46 am I am usually feeling either drunk or tired or too meh to do anything so this will be a very lazy summary of my recent us posted amigurumis comprising mostly pictures.

a cat. particularly proud of the bow because I designed it and added pearls to decorate :> the pink has a rosier colour irl.

it has no name. but I think it’s quite cute.

stitches look better irl I swear 🙃

…or maybe not idk

the pattern I used called it a “narcissus easter bust”. personally I have no idea what that is. but it’s cute so

the flower isn’t really that yellow it’s more of a slightly orange-tinged yellow irl like a warm, pastellish yellow that isn’t nuclear vibrant c: the green in the picture is close enough though

the green body was made from 4 seasons marvel 5 ply yarn (?) ; the white petals were made with 4 seasons stallion 8 ply yarn in white ; flower was made from this jumbo value skein with no brand that was $5 for a gigantic bundle (which was primarily why I bought it) and the colour is quite sweet but anyway 

because the green yarn was significantly thinner than the white and yellow (green 5ply vs white and yellow 8ply) and because I used the same 3mm (I think) hook throughout, the green body came out slightly too small. 😅

but it looks quite cute that way 😊


and finally, the elephant 🐘 which sits on its very own knitted pom-pom blanket. 

I think I remember that in my bunny amigurumi post, I said that the bunny was ‘easily the best amigurumi I have ever made.’

the elephant kicks the bunny out of the best amirugumi title.

sorry bunny. you’re quite cute tbh.


the pattern was designed by a japanese man whose name I can’t really remember and published in an amigurumi book and the elephant pattern was subsequently translated into various languages by various people and put online which is how I found it. the man who designed it is a genius. the pattern is asdfghjkl amazing because it is virtually seamless (except for the ears. and the belly which is sewn in but it fits so perfectly that it looks seamless and no one will see the belly anyway) and so beautiful and amazing and I can’t even

I had been wanting to do this for a loooong time but didn’t get to it until recently because of its difficulty and sheer number of stitches (up to 90 per round) but it was worth it 😍😍

I added 4-6 (didn’t actually count) more stitches to the belly piece though because it looked a bit small and I didn’t want to be squeezing the two pieces together to sew them. 

pom-pom blanket made from daiso yarn. yarn label called for 8mm needles which I didn’t have so I used 4mm needles and made two stitches between each pom-pom instead of one. turned out quite well 😌

I was quite pleased with the flowers after I made them but right now I kinda feel a bit meh about them. they’re cute enough but not really exceptional. but quite pretty though ~ 

I have no idea why they look so weird in the photo.

today I took a trip to daiso since I was nearby to buy some other supplies for a wip I was making which I will talk about later :>

and at daiso I found an organiser box and I am very very extremely pleased with it because it fits my amigurumi stuff perfectly and I no longer have to feel like a mad woman when I transport my amigurumi stuff around and try to keep track of everything.


featuring: assorted sizes of daiso needles and daiso pins and daiso stitch markers in a daiso box. I usually use a small daiso scissors (quality is actually very good – very sharp and easy to use and nice to cut many things with) but the scissors inside isn’t from daiso sadly because the daiso scissors couldn’t fit inside.

before I continue I would like to say:

the cat amigurumi was crocheted with a daiso hook using daiso yarn with the help of daiso stitch markers, a daiso yarn needle, daiso scissors, daiso pins and daiso safety eyes, decorated with daiso pearls which were strung together with 28ga daiso wire and finally stuffed with daiso stuffing. nose and whiskers embroidered with a daiso needle and daiso black thread. daiso hooks were kept in a daiso glass jar. measurements taken with a daiso measuring tape.

daiso. 😱

but anyway

behold the magical non-daiso scissors that looks like a pen when kept but can expand into a scissors. sadly it’s not for daiso.



look at this extremely aesthetic stack of word cards. 4 in a pack, so for 4 $2, so 1 for $0.50. 😱😱

the magic of daiso 😍

it’s a grid inside and I am obsessed with grids because they’re so neat and clean and aligned and they make me feel so satisfied with my life. 😎

my photo does not do its aestheticness justice. it is a magical thing with a beautiful aesthetic brown cover which adds to the aestheticness.

I originally bought it for another project I was going to start on which was crocheting swatches out of all my yarns (10 by 5 stitches or so) and using those slightly larger paper clips to hang them on a large metal ring (the kind that can open and close, about 8cm??) and then using the beautiful daiso word cards to put a label in front of each swatch with the yarn info (brand range material ply needle size etc) so I would have a thing with swatches of all the yarn I own or have owned and I can refer to it when choosing colours or hook sizes.

– – –

after daiso (I actually went to daiso while waiting for my sis to come) I went to spotlight with my sis.

we bought metal rings to make wreaths for christmas (involving crocheting around the 15mm ring with cotton rope) and I think it turned out quite nice but after I finished crocheting around the first ring, disaster struck and I realised



dun dun dun dun

yep shit

I realised that about 1.5h ago but my sis is asleep so I can’t update her on the current crisis yet. (the two wreaths are our christmas presents for our parents bc she’s helping to design the inside since she’s good at that kind of stuff.

infuriatingly, this means that I will have to go to daiso (agAIN) because the cotton rope was from daiso. tragically, I may be unable to find it because 1. the cotton rope was from a daiso in japan and 2. daiso is inconsistent with its stocks (i.e. everything could be there one day and not there the next day).
in fact, I had a recent crisis where daiso for some reason wasn’t selling stuffing and I had to stuff my elephant and I searched two daisos being a very mad woman. eventually I got stuffing elsewhere but today when I went to daiso again I saw packs and packs of stuffing overflowing from the shelves.



speaking of wips, I am currently working on a pony. 

I saw many patterns for mlp:fim ponies which were beautiful and magnificent and amazing and some of them were even free.

but then embroidering the eyes would be a pain in the butt.


picture creds [ HERE ] !!

even though this pattern is f-wording beautiful and the person who created it is amazing, I will not embroider those eyes.





respect to the person who embroidered that.

and I think that’s all 😊

I have spent about 1h 49 min writing this (I had no idea this took so long and idk why) so I should probably sleep because sleep is good and stuff




here and here and here and here.


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