a blog post not on crochet

   I realised that I haven’t blogged about something that’s not crochet for quite a long time ehehe and the last time I did it was about something really embarrassing 😅

but I will blog about something not on crochet today. 😀

I was thinking about flexistretchers today and came up with an idea to diy a flexistretcher. 😱

because actual flexistretchers are USD$60 and um


but anyway

after thinking for a while I came up with a basic plan/outline of the materials and construction. basically:

  • daiso belts for the straps [2]
  • carabiners for holding stuff together [2]
  • knit mole yarn for the centre band thingy [1]
  • needle/thread for sewing stuff
  • possibly elastics for the elastic tension thing (wrapping ⅜” elastic around a few times should give some tension)

total estimated cost: $8 [$4 if you don’t count the materials I already have]


will update if I ever get to doing this 😁


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