cute seal (and stuff too)

as per pre-exam ritual (not really because I don’t remember doing this last year or the year before that or ever, actually) I have crocheted and binged-watched movies (unintentionally) and basically not doing anything for the entire day.

holy shit
so anyway, I made a very cute seal 😍:D

i tried
no it is not a snowman

from a very amazing pattern [ link ]

and besides that, I did a very stupid thing 

  1. so basically, I wanted to watch now you see me
  2. so I torrented it because I love torrent and torrenting 
  3. but being kinda dumb I torrented now you see me 2 instead of the first movie
  4. and I watched an entire 1 hour and 45 minutes of the movie
  5. which was great btw
  6. and then somehow I looked at the movie title on top of the computer and realised it had a ‘2’ behind it
  7. which was my holy shit moment
  8. and I double checked on wikipedia
  9. and got really pissed that I actually watched 2 before 1
  10. which made me determined to watch the first movie too
  11. which is why I’m sleeping 2 hours later than I originally planned (currently watching the first movie)

yup that’s all

I hate exams


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