cute whale

tbh I made this a while back but I’ve been too lazy to post about it 😅

whale 😍

3.5mm hook, acrylic yarn in blue (from daiso 😒) and cream 😀 the eyes are basically pins because I don’t have amigurumi eyes (;-;) 

I really really love it omg 😍😍 I AM IN LOVE WITH AMIGURUMI AND I JUST CANNOT



but anyway 😏

amigurumi is just so cute and beautiful and I think I’m in love 😍

link to pattern [ here ]!


crochet beanie <33

this has taken a shitload of time but omg I crocheted a beanie though it’s still wip :DD
so far this has used up more than two balls of yarn (from daiso – natural wool silver-gray mix, 30g approx. 38m) which is kinda insane because one ball is approximately 38m according to the packaging so this has taken more than 76m of yarn which is a shitload of yarn which has more or less driven me crazy because I stupidly chose to follow the pattern exactly for the first 11(?) rounds (I lost count of rounds because I was counting stitches) and so I used a single crochet which is tiny. LOOK AT ALL THE MINUSCULE STITCHES IN THE PICTURE BECAUSE IT TOOK ME MANY HOURS.

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